Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well its all go now, my travel docs were in the mail today.  I have the best travel agent and she has really looked after me, thanks Emily.

So now the serious stuff starts. Getting all the information I need copied and stored where I can locate them if needed.

 One suggestion was to scan everything then send it to myself on my email.That way I can access them from my tablet if I need to.

Well its just over 2 weeks away and have started to think about what to take.  I'm a light traveller, take enough for one week and wash on the go.  No one will know me so who cares if I wear the same thing six times.  Only thing I have bought is a new pair of Skechers shoes.  Got some in Las Vegas two years ago and found I can walk miles in them without sore feet, so have got a new pair to take with me as the old ones are a bit ratty.

I did ask some of my like minded friends to join me but for various reasons they declined, now they will be able to see what they're missing out on.