Thursday, March 28, 2013

Autumn notes

Its has been ages since I've blogged.  Maybe I don't realise that the things I do might be interesting to others.

A couple of great things have happened via Facebook this year.  A friend of my husband, who went to school with him and returned to the UK with his family when they were still young, found him on Facebook.  Intermittently over the years we have caught up, once on a trip he and his wife made to Australia and another time when we were in the UK for just a couple of days.  Bill and Stewart share a passion for cars, racing in particular (classic racing that is) and our visit coincided with the Goodwood Revival Meeting of that year (1999 I think).  If you have a petrol head hubby I suggest you google this meeting, it is held each year in September.  Because it is all about classic racing the people turn up in costume of the 30's - 50's and all the stalls etc in the race track are themed as well.  It is a fantastic experience.

I also reconnected with a school friend this year and now because of Facebook we are able to continue our friendship.  She has been having a particularly difficult time recently, health wise, and I so admire her determination and willingness to share her experiences in the hope of helping others to cope.

We have a resident koala in our yard.  He comes and goes throughout the year, but every now and then he appears in a tree near us.  Here he is asleep high up in the tree.

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