Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More trip

This is the first snow we saw along the train line.  This is on the prairie in North Dakota.

Then as we moved into Montana it got more and more.  This is the outside of our carriage at Whitefish, Montana.  This is solid ice.  The only thing that stops the train apparently is if it is extremely cold, such as minus 45'F.  Then the brakes freeze.  It has happened.

It is actually snowing in this shot, and not long after this I was hit by a snowball thrown by this jolly gentleman.

This guy had only been waiting for the train for about ten minutes and already had a layer of snow on his car.

This is the view as we came out of the Rockies and into the Cascade Mountains heading into Seattle. So picturesque

hard to get a clear shot while the train is moving but this gives you some idea of the sort of things we were looking at as we came through the Cascades.

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