Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photos of our trip

Does this mean if you bump off your spouse you can get a discount at the jewellery store?  Deer hunting season started this week.

Bill and Bob in the studio looking at his latest work.  Has just won a major art prize in the US with one of his series of paintings of rocks.  He makes a good living in his retirement with his paintings.

The river through Chicago, just outside of the station that we left from.  There is a bridge like this on every cross street and they open for larger vessels to go under.  It is a really pretty downtown area.

This is what our carriage looked like, its 20 feet high.  We slept on an upper deck.
The inside of Shelby, Montana station being refurbished.  The wood work is gorgeous and the ceiling is amazing.  Those light fittings are wrapped in plastic to protect them from the dust.

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