Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day two of our trip found us in Ennis.  The hotel was a family one.  I half expected Basil Fawlty to step out of the office.  There were rules about everything, the hairdryer was in the drawer, screwed to the bottom so you couldn't steal it with the power cord going out through the rear of the drawer. Bizarre.

This is the only place that I've ever had to line up for breakfast like a school kid.  we all got a lot of laughs about that place.  Oh and all the rooms had single beds.  What a hoot.

One of our stops was a farm visit, which was surprisingly interesting.  After the obligatory sheep shearing demonstration (he did say sorry for boring the aussies) they served the most fantastic scones I've ever eaten in the original thatched cottage, peat fire and all.  The funniest was that another single Australian lady on the trip is retired from a sheep station in the Flinders Ranges, so she and the farmer had a chat about wool microns etc.  He had 80 acres and 100 sheep, she had 50,000 acres and 3,000 sheep.

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