Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wifi is an issue in the hotel and for some of us, including me, the three foot thick walls mean we can't get it in our room.  So I have to wait until I can use the facilities in the public areas of this hotel.

This is an absolutely 5 star tour.  The food is amazing, especially as I had a cheaper tour to compare it to.  We get treated to some wonderful tours, all private (public excluded while we are there).  The group is made up of some quilters, some embroiderers and some academics.  There is something for all of us.  Michele of course is being her usual delightful self.

Yesterday was the Birmingham Museum, and Cathedral, which included evensong, so lovely.  Here are two of the stained glass windows designed by Edward Burn Jones, a friend of Morris and made at Morris and Co.

Today we visited Kelmscott Manor, best house tour so far.  You can almost feel Morris and his family in the house.  Unfortunately photography inside not allowed.

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